¡Happy 1st. Birthday to us!

This post marks the one year anniversary of this, the Black Jack Taco of cyber pop pit stops.

¡Uuuy que fancy!

That’s award-winning blog to you, Señor.


We’ve been getting our stripes refreshed here at El Zonkey Show and it’s been crickets for a while. Our sincerest disculpas for that.

In Memoriam

El Zonkey Show Bids Adieu to Three Unforgettable Dames

It’s beginning to look a lot like peda

Gringos might have their candy cane Oreos, but when it comes to seasonal products, no one does it better than Mexico. Case in point: Cerveza Noche Buena. Available yearly starting on October 31 and removed from the shelves on January 10, it’s what Santa spikes Mrs. Claus’ cocoa with when he wants to roast his log on … Continue reading

¡Bienvenidos a El Zonkey Show!

 Welcome to the show, baby! So why this blog and why now? Tijuana is a vibrant place where hundreds of thousands live, thrive and laugh despite the “nota roja” veil that shrouds its incessant spirit. The old journalism handle “If it bleeds it leads” is sadly anchored here, and the stories of the everyday folk … Continue reading