Salma Hayek’s Shady burger Past Revealed!

Mexican stunner Salma Hayek is shinning alongside fellow celebrities David Beckham, Mary J. Blige and arch nemesis esteemed colleague Sofía Vergara in Burger King’s latest advertising campaign.

In the ad, the Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz native is seen stretching her histrionic muscle by giving life to several characters ranging from a nerd to a smoldering temptress. This, of course, is not the first time Hayek has lent her star power to a fast food company.

In the 1980’s Salma shined as the spokesmodel for Mexi chain Burger Boy in their highly-laureled  Little Red Riding Hood Campaign.

The vintage commercial showed a young Salma cruising on a jalopee, red headband in the air and granny in tow, sipping on a chocolate Abuelita shake, and getting ready to munch on a tasty burger, pinkie up in the air like a real señorita.



Burger + Salma Hayek images via Wikimedia Commons.

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