Consolation Prize for Demián Bichir? His Own Narco-Style Corrido

So what if the Mexican actor didn’t win an Oscar for his role of Valente Segura in “Lazos de Amor” Carlos Galindo in A Better Life?

Regardless, he was immortalized with his own corrido courtesy of one Danny Barrón dressed in gardener garb; and who like a true dapper paisa plays the accordion with dishwashing gloves on.

Usually reserved for legendary drug dealers, Bichir’s corrido’s lyrics include:

More than 30 years in the biz, and there’s still Demián to go around / Always a professional in TV, movies and theater / He was nominated for an Oscar, and he’s our cock (get your mind out of the gutter, it’s a cock-fighting reference).

Eat your heart out, Jean Dujardin.

Take it away, boys:


Next up for Barrón? Hopefully a ranchera tribute to J.Lo’s areola.  

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Featured image via Summit Entertainment.

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