Tijuana/Tecate train derails

The popular “tren turístico” derailed last Saturday afternoon around 4:30pm with 350 passengers on board. An apparent theft of fasteners and metal plates on two of the passenger cars on unit No. 3820 were to blame.

Everything I know I learned from watching telenovelas

    No. 1 Every single person donning an eye patch is infallibly evil. Case in point.

It’s beginning to look a lot like peda

Gringos might have their candy cane Oreos, but when it comes to seasonal products, no one does it better than Mexico. Case in point: Cerveza Noche Buena. Available yearly starting on October 31 and removed from the shelves on January 10, it’s what Santa spikes Mrs. Claus’ cocoa with when he wants to roast his log on … Continue reading

¡Mexi-size it!

Tijuana may be the birthplace of the clandestine acid-filled dumpster narco grave, but it’s also home to Our Lady of Guadalupe edible marshmallow likenesses, fermented corn slushees, and oh yeah, killer kosher-quiles. While most pussy foodies might not go past the lowly street taco—and the inevitable visit to the nearest farmacia to exercise their remedial … Continue reading

¡Bienvenidos a El Zonkey Show!

 Welcome to the show, baby! So why this blog and why now? Tijuana is a vibrant place where hundreds of thousands live, thrive and laugh despite the “nota roja” veil that shrouds its incessant spirit. The old journalism handle “If it bleeds it leads” is sadly anchored here, and the stories of the everyday folk … Continue reading

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