In Memoriam

Kippy CasadosIt is said that the great ones always go in three’s and this week it rang true with the passing of a trio of great women.

Beloved game show host Kippy Casados went to the big TV studio in the sky the morning of Sunday, March 6. She is survived by five children and an equal number of grandchildren. Remembered for several Mexican television programs of yesteryear like La Hora del Gane, Kippy is no doubt staging a hula-hoop competition amongst the archangels right now accompanied by her sidekick Gurrumina—a canary that could read people’s fortune. Anyone else would have called shenanigans on the winged Miss Cleo, but Kippy with her infinite charisma made it work.

A true original, Rita Guerrero lead singer for the band Santa Sabina took her last breath on Friday, March 11 at the young age of 44, a victim of breast cancer. She is survived by her husband and son, a legion of fans, and a whole generation of girl rockers she inspired. Her carved-by-her-unique-talent-and-the-edge-of-her-fingernails legacy should be a lesson to Courtney and the rest on what a true frontwoman is supposed to be.

Fortin next to granddaughter after a 1985 "Virgin Tour" performance


Finally, we celebrate the life of Elsie Mae Fortin who passed away surrounded by friends and family inside her Bay City, Michigan home on Wednesday, March 9. just shy of her 100th birthday. Doting great-grandmother and devout church goer, she will most be remembered for helping raise one of history’s greatest stars: her granddaughter Madonna.

Bellow is a vintage clip of the pop legend during her maiden tour in May 1985 belting out one of her trademark songs, Elsie shout-out and all.

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