Salma Hayek’s Shady burger Past Revealed!

Do you want a malteada with that?

¡GO Espíd Racer! 15 Simply Awesome, Badass & Unintentionally Hilarious Shots of President Felipe Calderón Behind the Wheel

Traditionally, heads of state do not drive during their term, but ever the defiant party boy, Calderón makes his own rules. For that, we salute him.


The question: “What do I pair with my tribal boots” has finally been aswered!

Presenting the Perfect Rapture Theme Song

Ditch the bifocals, don some yellow contacts and Rapture ears around this one

10 Famous, Memorable and Notorious Latina Maids

They are efficient, stealth, and not to mention HUGE in Japan. They’re maids, and with all this talk about them as of late they’re the hottest thing since sliced Bimbo bread.

Everything I Know I Learned From Watching Telenovelas

Lucky No. 13 She knows exactly how you like your morning coffee, is perfectly aware of where your wife stashes her jewelry (and has probably “borrowed” a piece or two over the years), and folds your chones to boot.

Big Week for ‘La Tigresa del Oriente’

Our Zonkey queen (sorry Ninel), is on an awesome roll!

¡Salud! 10 Totally Enticing, Obscure and Just Plain Strange Mexican Spirits

Yes, Mexico is the land of Tequila, but beyond body shots and afterburn, your Cinco libations could add some punch to your sex life, get you in the mood for Armageddon, and yes, make your intestines bloom

‘Miss Ava Cado’ Relentless in Her Efforts to Bring Cinco de Mayo to Canada

She tried doing it the nice way, and now it’s clear Miss Ava Cado means business.

All Hail El Zonkey Show’s Google Query Queen

We’ve only mentioned her once—and kind of in passing—in our proposed Super Bowl XLV cheerleading squad, but since then the grace and natural beauty of actress and chanteuse Ninel Conde has managed to creep up and become our number one Google search term (with Momma Elsa galloping from behind).