His Fair Cher: San Diego Drag Queen Chad Michaels out to take reality TV with a bang (and a tuck)

Forty-year-old Chad Michaels’ destiny was sealed from inception. Local lore says he was rhythmically conceived to “I Got You Babe” while his dad was rocking a fur vest and his mom nothing but a full Indian headdress; and after his birth, a gipsy, a tramp, and a thief made a pilgrimage to Encinitas to lay … Continue reading

¡Rejoice! The Madonna Super Bowl Halftime Drag Tibute Has Arrived

Strike a pose.

¡Happy 1st. Birthday to us!

This post marks the one year anniversary of this, the Black Jack Taco of cyber pop pit stops.

When the Sexy Snarl Goes Wrong

For years, scientists the world over deemed it impossible to look bad whilst standing next to Marc Anthony. That theory has been recently debunked.

“The Face of the Mexican Woman” Drops Single

Maria José Cristerna ain’t tardy for this party

Heavy Maracas

Imagine the soothing stylings of Cuco Sánchez, but if he were getting gang raped by the members of Insane Clown Posee. It sounds kinda like that.

Beluga Whales Love Mariachi Music

Just what it sounds like.

Dancing With the Ponch!

Erik Estrada, ready to shake his tailfeather

All Hail La Trigresa del Oriente!

Move over Jimmy Carter, there’s a new peacemaker in town!

Mother of the year award goes to…

¡Yo Quiero Toddler!