Enrique Limón

Profile: Much to the anguish of his mom's uterus, Enrique Limón was born feet first on a sunny SoCal day—he's been doing things his way ever since. With the example of his father—a prominent printer—Limón was drawn to gonzo-style journalism at an early age. “It all started when I would snuggle up to my plush Gonzo Muppet doll as a kid. I remember being mesmerized by its long, slightly curved down nose,” he says. “I’ve always had an oral fixation, and that doll not only fueled my passion for the craft, but kept me warm many a night,” Limón recalls with a grin. With an emphasis on the offbeat, he currently works as a nightlife columnist and contributing writer for San Diego CityBeat, where he pitches away obscure story angles that often times get rejected, in what he referrers to as “boomerang journalism.” When not writing, Enrique can be found curating his extensive Hummel figurine collection, disputing over draft fees at his local Bank of America branch, and training his eight cats for an all feline version of "Dante's Peak" which he claims will make him a small fortune.

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