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El Zonkey Show operates under a creative commons license and no assumption of ownership of images or other materials should be made unless otherwise specified.

¿Preguntas? ¿Sugerencias? ¿Ideas? ¿Links rotos? Háznoslo saber escibiéndonos a elzonkeyshow (@) También nos puedes encontrar en Facebook.

El Zonkey Show opera bajo una licencia “creative commons”  y no alega ser proprietario de ninguna imagen u otro material salvo que sea especificado lo contrario.

One Response to “Contact”
  1. Jill Holslin says:

    Hey Enrique, just saw my first Zonkey salon today. check out my photo. And come visit me! I just moved to TJ, and I’m up the hill just off Benito Juarez/2da on Calle M, on the south side of the street, by Paisanos Tacos & across from Cinco Eskinas. take care, Jill

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