The Most Glamorous Woman in Telenovela History

The year was 1992, and in what was to be superstar Thalía’s star-making role in María Mercedes, it was a sequined villain by the name Mística who stole the show and set a glamour bar that—except for Momma Elsa and the top 3 in Rupaul’s Drag Race, has not been yet been surpassed.

Played by Italian-born actress Nicky Mondellini, Mística was cold and calculated and always appeared to just generally be over it. She connived alongside her dotting tía Paz to make Meche’s life a living hell, steal her husband away, and inherit a vast family fortune.

Best part is, bitch did all of that while dressed in head-to-toe black sequins during every single frame of the novela (except of course, when she traveled via sidecar motorcycle, and opted for a more sensible full pink leather suit—which would magically transform back to the full-length gown as soon as she would walk through a door). Take that, Catalina Creel!

Even when dragged about your luxe condo by the hair, you never lost your composure (or your fierce frock), and for that we salute you, Mística.

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