His Fair Cher: San Diego Drag Queen Chad Michaels out to take reality TV with a bang (and a tuck)

Forty-year-old Chad Michaels’ destiny was sealed from inception. Local lore says he was rhythmically conceived to “I Got You Babe” while his dad was rocking a fur vest and his mom nothing but a full Indian headdress; and after his birth, a gipsy, a tramp, and a thief made a pilgrimage to Encinitas to lay … Continue reading

San Diego’s Historic ‘Caliente!’ Mural in Peril

We need your help in signing and sharing the online preservation petition

Interview With the Vampiress

A conversation with “the face” of the Mexican woman who’s giving the term “going viral” a whole new meaning

OXXO Marks the Spot

When not planning one of his “atypical” Tijuana day trips, politely rejecting sexual advances while wearing a sequined dress in a jail cell (long story), or caught dancing the night away in seedy dives not even a Zetas trigger man would feel safe in, Ohio expat Derrik Chinn is staging art shows that find the sublime in such mundane objects as … Continue reading

Tchotchkes Without Borders: New Art Exhibit is Out to Make Bank

A new art collective out to redefine the meaning of good taste while dousing it with a good dose of border kitsch? You can bank on it.

Mexican Drive-ins Set for a Comeback

They might not be projecting El Santo nudie flicks anytime soon, but for the first time in 30 years, the autocinema or drive-in is set to make a comeback in Mexico City.

Mexican Wrestling Legend El Santo’s Porn Past Revealed

Racy 1960’s film to be exhibited in Mexico for the first time

What NOT to get your Mexican friend this Flag Day

Celebrated yearly on February 24, Flag Day is one of Mexico’s most important national holidays

Oscar Calling

From unibrows to what exactly does split pea soup sound like? We examine the prestigious award’s limited but meaningful love affair with Mexico


“I just hope I don’t get in trouble with the vegans”