They’re baaaack! Move over Mimi, Los Vasquez Sounds Set to Strike Again

All they want for Christmas is 14 Million page views


Hang Diez! Surfing Madonna to Ride Again

Before being placed in her permanent home, she’ll take a half=pipe to a Barrio Logan art show.

Feliz Zonkey-dad!

Just like we informed a couple of weeks back, Santa told Prancer and the crew to take a hike and made an early arrival on Tijuana’s famed Avenida Revolución on a Zonkey-led sleigh. The kicker? The Rodney Dangerfield of the animal kingdom finally got the respect it deserves and made it all the way to the front … Continue reading

Top 10 Worst Holiday Gifts for Mexicans

  I see you eyeing that rapping Chihuahua plush at the Walgreens holiday aisle and I know you’re tempted. Just remember güero—while most appreciate a good gag gift and we Mexicans are renowned for our unique brand of humor (we include a devil figurine in our nativity scene for Christ’s sake), Gorge Lopez you are not. … Continue reading


Our first look into the bizzare world of Americanized Mexican food

BREAKING NEWS: It’s gonna be a Zonkey Christmas

File under: OMG! Huge festival planned for December 15th on Avenida Revolución

It’s beginning to look a lot like peda

Gringos might have their candy cane Oreos, but when it comes to seasonal products, no one does it better than Mexico. Case in point: Cerveza Noche Buena. Available yearly starting on October 31 and removed from the shelves on January 10, it’s what Santa spikes Mrs. Claus’ cocoa with when he wants to roast his log on … Continue reading