Lazy Sunday / Domingo de Hueva

I recently had the chance to chillax on a Sunday afternoon in Playas de Tijuana‘s newly revamped boardwalk. The definition of serene, no one could imagine that just less than 24 hours later all hell would break loose in the area courtesy of a massive sewage spill that would close down the shoreline not just in Playas, but also in neighboring Imperial Beach.

No one that is, but Mexican Nemo (you can see it in his smug face bellow).

A victim of 2010’s all-independence-bicentennial-all-the-time which included everything from a patriotic nail craze, a limited-edition Jetta (in the color wheel’s most festive shade of brown), and just about everything in between, the seaside strand’s official name is the  Malecón Bicentenario de Playas de Tijuana.

A breather from the city’s hectic day-to-day, the giggles of kids blowing bubbles is juxtaposed against the oom-pah beats of live banda and norteño groups performing in one of several top-notch family run seafood eateries like Mariscos Colima which serves up house specialties like marlin-stuffed omelets and fried fish—teeth and all, to patrons looking for a quick hangover fix.

Spots to take in a killer cross-border sunset abound, as well as priceless people watching courtesy of paisanos by the fistful donning their beach attire best (a T-shirt, cut-off sweat pants and over-the-knee nylon socks).

Don’t judge,  Hasselhoff.

All images by Enrique Limón/ El Zonkey Show

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