Tales From Copyright Infringement

Behold: Sastrería Rivera Hermanos—Tijuana’s Playboy Tailor Shop.

Most assumed that when 84-year old titty mag mogul Hugh Hefner recently tweeted  “Viva Mexico! Viva Bunnies!” he was either a) expressing excitement over the latest addition to his empire: the 12,000-square-foot Playboy Club Cancun; or b) was under the maddening effects of mescaline courtesy of 60-years-his-junior fiancée Crystal Harris’ far-fetched Wile E. Coyote schemes to get her hands on that life insurance money.

We here at El Zonkey Show know better.

Heff’s love affair with Mexico goes waaay back, past the glitz and glam of his clubs, reality shows and merch, as evidenced by this sastrería in the outskirts of Tijuana’s Mesa de Otay.

As to the Playboy Tailor Shop’s specialties, one can only imagine that they range from zarape-print bunny tales, scandalous jerga clubwear for the mamacitas, ay Dios mio ethnic bikinis (like the one pictured to the right) perfect for a classy resort or a low-key Zetas pool party, and of course debonaire smoking jackets for the gents.

Nice job adding the top hat to throw us off btw, you slick goose!

Sastrería Rivera Hermanos pics by Enrique Limón/ El Zonkey Show. Mexi-hoochie by Mercado Libre.

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