Consolation Prize for Demián Bichir? His Own Narco-Style Corrido

Take that, Jean Dujardin!


Organized Crime Cartel Issues ‘Code of Conduct’ Booklet

The Selena Gomez of Mexican organized crime cartels, The Knights Templar has issued a 22-page pocket-size “code of conduct” the AP reports.  

Toy Story: Tijuana Children Ditch Toy Guns as Part of State Program

Over a thousand children attended Potros stadium this week in eastern Tijuana to exchange their play guns, switchblades and other plastic warfare for more sensible soccer balls and “mental agility games” TJ daily El Sol de Tijuana reports.  

Narcofilms on the Rise

20th Century Fox has announced it has acquired Mexico distribution rights for Canana Films’ Miss Bala (Miss Bullet), The Hollywood Reporter, informs.

The Truth Comes Out: Canada, Responsible for Mexico’s Drug War

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Says That to Find Culprit One Must Look North

Caffeine High—Farmers Swap Illegal Crop for Twitchy, Legal One

Can You Score Me a Venti?

Operation “Fast and Furious” Falls Flat

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ‘Acts a Fool’ With Failed Operation.

Arias for AK’s

One bilionaire’s plan for peace in the streets of Mexico

¡Game On!

As two new border-themed videogames make a splash, expect for Mario to be eating tacos instead of mushrooms in no time

Windows 97: the new coke

Notorious Mexican drug gang switches from narcotics to bootleg technology