Erik Estrada & Laura León: Reunited and it feels so ewww…

File under: Historic.

Nevermind Poncherello. For Latin Americans, Erik Estrada’s true star-making role came in 1993 when he starred alongside Laura León in the runaway telenovela hit Dos Mujeres, Un Camino (Two Women, One Path).

In it, he gave life to Johnny, a horny truck driver who inexplicably had swagger and a fling on the side to prove it.

True, Estrada has had several career highs since, but in the eyes of many he has never been able to top his wide-haul role.

For years, speculation was rampant on a Laura León/Erik Estrada reunion, but alas, it never materialized. That is, untill recently when the two were together again thanks to a surprise cameo in Univision’s knockoff trully original Dancing With the Stars-type show Mira Quién Baila.

Unbeknownst to Estrada, “La Tesorito” who had been witnessing the dance from backstage pulled the ol’ switcheroo with one of MQB’s singers and much like she did 15 years ago, busted up the treble in TV’s far and wide.

Properly hiding her lady mullet under a glitzy chapeau, León dazzled the audience and embraced her one-time costar after the performance, “telenovela kiss” and all.

“She’s the treasure of Mexico…and she still has those candy lips,” Estrada would later say, as witnessed in the clip bellow:


What would Bibi Gaytán do?

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