Mariajosé Cristerna BEFORE & AFTER

She is “the face of the Mexican woman,” a mother of four, a viral sensation and an attorney to boot.

She’s Mariajosé Cristerna, “Mexico’s Vampire Woman.”

A champion for women’s rights, an inspiration for battered women everywhere and El Zonkey Show’s Google query princess (watch out, Ninel!)

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Her physical transformation has both shocked and inspired. Find a before and after comparison bellow:


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Composite ©El Zonkey Show

31 Responses to “Mariajosé Cristerna BEFORE & AFTER”
  1. Fullmoon says:

    She is fantastic woman. Like to meet her. Wow …lovely.
    Could i get her mail id / contact number?

  2. real man says:

    i hate this women she is davol

  3. LKessel1 says:

    Vampire woman is something out of this world. She has captured the world with a look that exceeds any other to date. She leaves Catman, Zombie Boy, and the Lizardman in the dust. She is as unusual as her tattoos. She said she did this to reinvent herself after a lot of domestic abuse. I’m not sure if this is the product of abuse or her escape. She seems sincere and happy in her new world. I wish her the best of luck.

  4. Jessica says:

    THis is just disgusting. She is messing up the young’s mind and what do people say: she inspires people!! WTF!!!

    • Loveable1 says:

      She is standing up for wat she believes and is taking a stand against the abuse of women! May not be yur opinion of a model but she is inspiring!

    • Xara says:

      .It depends on how you look at her, the ones inspired by her, see her as a mark of resilience and strength. It is her way of fighting back, against the abuse and pain she suffered as a child, hence an inspiration. Those disgusted, do not look into the metaphorical value of her “transformation”, but the outward value. Rather than looking at it as one would an art work or symbol, you look at it as an outward person. I dont have a stand, Im unbiased, cause it’s her life, let her live it however she wants. If shes not hurting anyone else, I see nothing wrong with it

    • DaveintheD says:

      Yeah, it’s real inspiring. Woman who suffers abuse destroys her own body.

  5. Jose Mcglibbin says:

    Ugly in reality, but beautiful in an art sense ❤

  6. Key Chan Lee says:

    wtf!!!!! what do your children think of this shitt?!?!?!? anywho looking at you is like looking at the monster under ma bed foo -_-” its pretty..pretty disguisting

  7. Bleu Lanza says:

    She is beautiful and inspiration, Maybe some of her piercings are a bit much for me. But they are great for her. I’m pretty sure her children love her just the same as if she looked “normal” Mine loves me and even loves my tattoos and piercings and multicolored hair, Children are innocent and loving creatures. They know no hate. Hate is taught.

  8. Richard Mendizabal says:

    i du not nou ju dis guoman is, plis tel me ju de fuc is shi, i dun wanna si jer, shi is de devol. i veter plei guit mi bigotudas guimen in meccico. fucj jou.

  9. kikifre says:

    kharyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tza3af

  10. crys says:

    amazing, very beautiful. your expression is art.

  11. ursus says:

    Usually I do not comment on internet but this made me do so.
    I am shoked of wat she did to herself. I really think that there are other ways to deal with domestic violence. Poor children which have to see her every day!!!!
    Everything indicates that she first have to deal with her own unsolved issues before she can help others in the same situation.

    • Xara says:

      children dont care if their mothers are black, white, lesbian, or vampire, society teaches them to discriminate. And dealing badly with domestic violence would be if she beat her own kids, its infinately better to decide to show your strength, resilience and struggle threw the art over your body, maybe its a bit much, but she isnt hurting anyone, so I dont see a problem.

  12. june miller says:

    very interesting how does she fair in court? DO THE JUDGES LIKE THELOOK?

  13. darren says:

    I really don’t think its necessary to look weird, just because you want to make an impact or create attention .For the fact that she had domestic abuse doesnt mean she should look like a demon!
    what role model is she trying to create for young people. Its like telling God,she doesnt like the way she was created. She is worth more than looking satanic. Its madness!!!

    • Xara says:

      She has made herself a walking, breathing art piece. If you strip yourself from the societal conditioning we have received, and look at her as a piece of art, she symbolizes the resilience and strength of mankind. It doesn’t matter if we think she is beautiful or not, art is not beautiful, shes not hurting anyone. As for children, fairness cream adds, plastic surgery adds, size zero models etc are enough to influence them to mutilate themselves. If you want children to not hurt their own bodies, instead of calling one woman satanic, start a campaign against all the companies telling woman being “fat” is being over “size 2.” It inspires people to be better, not physically, but mentally stronger, not to get piercings. People wont change their bodies unless they unless everyone called her “beautiful”. Inspiring and beautiful are different. Just my opinion, you are free to your own.

  14. statebol says:

    hello this is all showbiz she makes money while you post pathetic comments

  15. Tina says:

    She is a f***in freak!!!

  16. liveright says:

    No such thing as “Real Vampires” she looks like a demon. She obviously has mental issues. Anyone one who has been abused does, I have been there. But seek help. Don’t destroy your body like that. To the one who says its her body she can do what she wants. Ahhh, not really these are a loan from God and we are supposed to take care of them. This is absolutly rediculas. She went to far. She needs to change her name to “The Demon Woman” it fits much better!

  17. Christian says:

    Wow…there is some seriously dark spiritual stuff going on there. Serves as a great illustration to what the world places value on…this is inspiring?? Really?? This is strength and self esteem??? Really?? This once beautiful woman has destroyed herself and succumbed to what must have been awful abuse. It is a pity ,it is a shame, it is not triumph. In fact it is demonic.

  18. suzy says:

    she needs to be destroyed,now!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. duane says:

    for some one to do that to them self can only be possess by the devil

  20. bobbyjoe says:

    Okay…we get it already!
    You were abused!
    Now, get some therapy and stop going around scarying the little children half to death.
    geez loueez.
    She looks like she’s into S&M!
    (laugh out loud)
    But…there’s still hope for this pitiful soul.
    Nothing an exorcism wont cure.
    Looks to me like she’s still into it with all of the self mutilation.
    I was abused. Had alot of friends that were abused too.
    But they dont run around dressing up (or down) groping for attention for all of the world to see.
    No one takes her seriously.
    Sorry Maria!

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