“The Hangover 3” to be set in Tijuana!

Cue the Zonkey Show scene…


Interview With the Vampiress

A conversation with “the face” of the Mexican woman who’s giving the term “going viral” a whole new meaning

Toy Story: Tijuana Children Ditch Toy Guns as Part of State Program

Over a thousand children attended Potros stadium this week in eastern Tijuana to exchange their play guns, switchblades and other plastic warfare for more sensible soccer balls and “mental agility games” TJ daily El Sol de Tijuana reports.  

Tijuana Fights Back

City Hosts Open-Air Amateur Boxing Tourney

Tijuana Border Reading Program Kicks Off

Photo dispatch from Tijuana’s “Lectura en Espera” launch

OXXO Marks the Spot

When not planning one of his “atypical” Tijuana day trips, politely rejecting sexual advances while wearing a sequined dress in a jail cell (long story), or caught dancing the night away in seedy dives not even a Zetas trigger man would feel safe in, Ohio expat Derrik Chinn is staging art shows that find the sublime in such mundane objects as … Continue reading

Tijuana to Spearhead Border Literacy Project

Don’t eat the bookworm!

Badass of the Week: Denver Mayoral Hopeful James Mejia

The Mexican-Canadian War by way of Colorado we have been keeping a close eye on has come full circle.

Tchotchkes Without Borders: New Art Exhibit is Out to Make Bank

A new art collective out to redefine the meaning of good taste while dousing it with a good dose of border kitsch? You can bank on it.

Tijuana’s Mug Shot Hall of Shame

Sleep calmly—the Nescafé bandit rides no more