“The Hangover 3” to be set in Tijuana!

Cue the Zonkey Show scene…


10 Famous, Memorable and Notorious Latina Maids

They are efficient, stealth, and not to mention HUGE in Japan. They’re maids, and with all this talk about them as of late they’re the hottest thing since sliced Bimbo bread.

And Now in Obscure Cartoon News…

For all you non-paisanos out there, this is going to cause as much of a WTF-inducing shock as saying that Snagglepuss is huge in Lithuania, but  Hanna-Barbera’s short-lived Top Cat is nothing short of  a pop culture phenom down Mexico way. 

Narcofilms on the Rise

20th Century Fox has announced it has acquired Mexico distribution rights for Canana Films’ Miss Bala (Miss Bullet), The Hollywood Reporter, informs.

WARNING: If You Are Scared of Clowns and Bad Mexican Cinema, Do Not, We Repeat Do Not Click on This Post

Seriously…do not.

Mexico’s Narco-Comedy “Saving Private Perez” Slated for U.S. Distribution

Mexico’s successful narco-action-comedy film Salvando al Soldado Pérez (“Saving Private Perez”) will launch in U.S. theatres starting September 16 according to its producer Lemon Films, The Hollywood Reporter…um, reports.