Heavy Maracas

Imagine the soothing stylings of Cuco Sánchez, but if he were getting gang raped by the members of Insane Clown Posee. It sounds kinda like that.

‘Miss Ava Cado’ Relentless in Her Efforts to Bring Cinco de Mayo to Canada

She tried doing it the nice way, and now it’s clear Miss Ava Cado means business.

Amidst Growing Canada/Mexico Diplomatic Turbulence, Petition is Launched in ‘The True North’ to Make ‘5 de Mayo’ a National Holiday

TORONTO, Ontario–When it comes to current Mexican diplomatic discord, mainstream media has been heavily focusing on Mexico’s tiff with France; but always one step ahead we here at El Zonkey Show have been busy shining the spotlight on the burgeoning troubles between Mexico and the so-called True North. The latest development?

Shortly After We Made the Vicente Fox/South Park Connection, the Former President Announces Colorado Visit


BAD SEED: Mexican Retaliation Against Those Canadian Druggies Has Begun

Just a few short days after former Mexican president Vicente Fox pointed the finger at Canada when addressing his country’s narco warfare plight, it has been announced that now more than ever, the purity of exported Canadian canary seed is under question. 

The Truth Comes Out: Canada, Responsible for Mexico’s Drug War

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Says That to Find Culprit One Must Look North