“Extreme” Super Bowl Snacks for Mexicans

Super Bowl XLVI is upon us, and gringos are going crazy over so-called “extreme game day snacks” (think Lucas Oil Stadium fashioned out of deli ham and Twinkies).

As usual, here at El Zonkey Show we keep it gangsta and have come up with our own compendium of Mexi-approved treats guaranteed to make your taste buds dance a Gisele Brady-like samba and scream out:  gostoso!

We know she’s not Mexican, but what other Latino sports reference were we supposed to use? Pique?

Ready for the countdown? Take your insulin, play Mexican diva Yuri’s timeless rendition of “Vogue” at halftime as a sign of protest, and get ready.


10. The Original party in a box, Surtido Rico Marinela

Image via.

9. Torta platter

Image via.

8. Anything served on a Go Plate

Image via.

7. Chocolate Abuelita shots

Image via.

6. Mexican flag 7-layer dip

Image via.

5. Nacho cheese dispenser cake (tres leches, natch)

Image via.

4. Conchas!

Image via.

3. Taco-shaped piñata (filled with tacos)

Image via.

2. This

Image via.

1. Giant Flan


Super Bowl XLVI logo image via/Football image via.

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