Get Ready of the Rooster Party!

There’s something of a cultural revolution happening in San Diego’s Chicano Park, and people (and local media outlets) are finally paying attention.

Its remarkably poignant collection of outdoor murals (the largest in the U.S.) is undergoing a facelift by most of their original artists to further preserve the message behind them for generations to come. Recently, a fresh slew of art adventurers, wanderers and art enthusiasts have been exposed to the uniquely succinct Barrio Arts District, of which, The Roots Factory, is one of its shiniest beacons.

Founded in 2010 by Bob Black and Ana Brown as a mixed-use gallery/guerrilla school/performance space, Roots quickly became the in destination for Barrio Logan 2.0 and this weekend, they will be celebrating their birthday in style with a bash El Zonkey Show is proud to be supporting.  

Hosted in SD’s legendary Casbah, the pachanga will feature live performances by the likes of Chicano reggae band Maiz, 2 Mex, and Cumbia Machin; original art by Ricardo Islas, Rob Benavides and Monstrinho among others; and maybe, just maybe, a special live celebrity appearance by Chico the soccer playing dog.

“I once went to a bonfire ans shit gor really eyrie,” Brown reminisces; “I then smelt something burning, turned around, and noticed that my hair was on fire…this party is going to be like that, but way better.”

Well said, Ana.

Facebook event listing here / Chicano Park image via Wikimedia Commons.

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