They’re baaaack! Move over Mimi, Los Vasquez Sounds Set to Strike Again

Proving that they’ve moved on up since their gazillions of hits for their version of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” cover, Mexicali viral darlings Los Vasquez Sounds went on a shopping spree to Kohl’s to pick up some fancy winter duds, got some Proactive for the awkward drummer boy and are releasing what is soon to be a Christmas classic to celebrate their first month anniversary on YouTube.

The song? Mariah Carey’s timeless classic “All I want for Christmas Is You” redone for the Monroe & Moroccan generation.  

With the AutoTuned vocal dexterity of a young Kim Zolciak, little Angie shines in the clip which has all the expected tricks that a video produced by your succesful music mogul regular everyday dad who randomly shot a vid at your house and then it accidentally goes viral should have.

And though it only has some 300 hits in its second hour of release, expect for it to soar, making poor Mimi soak up her mascara-laden tears with the fur trim of her vintage 1994 slutty Santa outfit.

The video ends with a delightful message:

“En esta navidad reciban este regalo lleno de amor, alegría y esperanza que a través de la música deseamos compartirles”

Spanish translation: “Please call the Mexican equivalent of child protective services like pronto.”

We liked it better the first time around when Reba McEntire sang it and it was called “Fancy.”

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UPDATE 12/31 Their wish came true: 10 Million views and counting…

One Response to “They’re baaaack! Move over Mimi, Los Vasquez Sounds Set to Strike Again”
  1. robertha says:

    espero que me escribas pronto a

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