Hang Diez! Surfing Madonna to Ride Again

We first told you about her last spring and she soon went viral. She’s the 10-square-foot mosaic representation of a surfing Our Lady of Guadalupe which appeared guerilla-style under a railroad pass in the beachside city of Encinitas.

Deemed graffiti by local authorities, her stint was a brief, but one that left an indelible tilma-like impression in San Diegan’s collective consciousness.

Well, she’s back. ABC affiliate 10 News reports that this week the Encinitas Commission for the Arts unanimously recommended that she be permanently placed in a small park  near the coastal town’s “Moonlight Beach.” 

The report quotes its creator Mark Patterson being pleased with the definition, as it will further spread the “Save the Ocean” message emblazoned in the mosaic.

Before she moves into her permanent home however, the artwork’s central panel will be displayed Saturday, December 10 at a Barrio Logan art exhibit alongside other Guadalupe-inspired works by Lalo Alcaraz, Chicano Park muralist Mario Torero, Tocayo, EXIST 1981 and twenty others.  

The show, dubbed In Guad We Trust is put on by Art Fist Collective, a group that head Zonkey Enrique Limón belongs to.

One Response to “Hang Diez! Surfing Madonna to Ride Again”
  1. Surfer Mike says:

    I’m glad she has found a permanent home. Just because the “authorities” consider it graffiti does not mean it is not a work of art. This is a interesting piece and a great addition to Southern California. It definitely add to the SoCal vibe.

    Thanks for the update.

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