Tales From Copyright Infringement

On April 28 this year, loudspeakers everywhere went on the fritz, thanks to Manny Pacquiao’s CD dropping.

Since then, my mom has been seeking discount stores far and wide for the dreaded disc and I for one, refuse to let her in on the wonders of Amazon.com.

The latest fighter to jump on the Auto-Tune train? Alfonso Gómez, who is set to challenge WBC Super Welterweight World Champion Saúl “EL Canelo” Álvarez on Saturday the 17 in Los Angeles.

In his pre-fight, ahem…rap, Gómez not only says that he’ll take what was “given” to the undefeated Canelo, but also takes a jab at the gingie’s hair and freckly skin tone.

He’s mad / he’s getting red

Wash your face / It’s all spotty

In the Staples Center I will win over Archie

The nerve! Worst part is, he does it shamelessly to J.Lo’s “I’m Into You”:



Add a sexy snarl and we’re all in.

Mexican boxing gloves image source.

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