Heavy Maracas

Much like pico de gallo, metal/mariachi hybrid band Metalachi is a mishmash of bits and pieces that together form something fresh, spicy, and that goes well with just about anything.

Imagine the soothing stylings of Cuco Sánchez, but if he were getting gang raped by the members of Insane Clown Posee. It sounds kinda like that.

According to violinist Maximilian “Dirty” Sánchez (no relation to Cuco)—whose official bio claims that he’s a person of interest by Homeland Security; though “not by any wrongdoing, but merely for his undeniable charm and swagger,” the winning combination is “guaranteed to shock, amaze, and amuse.”

In order to fulfill that promise, the boys need your help. Muchachos, take it away:

Anyone else notice something funky with trumpetor El Cucuy‘s accent? In these turbulent times between Mexico and Canada I’d hate to add fuel to the fire, but we can’t help but to think Miss Ava Cado is somehow involved with the band:

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