All Hail La Trigresa del Oriente!

Move over Jimmy Carter, there’s a new peacemaker in town!

Back in March we extensively covered La Tigresa del Oriente ‘s diplomatic visit to Mexico, where she made many a 65-year-old elote vendor swoon.

Sure, it might have taken a while, but stealth as her moniker suggests, La Tigresa’s goodwill mission bared fruit this week when it was announced that Mexico will partner with Peruvian authorities to market Pisco (Tequila’s Andean cousin), worldwide.

“One of the most successful regulatory boards that exist in Latin American is that of Tequila, which has managed to position their product in the minds of consumers, both Mexican and foreign.

The article quotes Jaime Marimon, Chairman of the Board of the Pisco Designation of Origin saying.

The alliance which aims to introduce the grape brandy hootch to the global market, is set to be signed on September 29, forever joining the two countries in blissful cirrhosis.

How did La Tigresa celebrate you ask?

By drinking the blood of 12 virgins to preserve her naturally youthful looks By releasing a new awesome video for one of her catchy songs, natch!

The Kubrickesque clip for “Adolescenete” (Teenager), features all the Tigresa standards we’ve come to love: pitchy ramblings,  inappropriate clothing for a woman on the business end of 80, awkward dancing, random passer-by who have no clue what the hell is going on, and teenage girls in lab coats.


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