Ciudad Juárez Cop Shoots Dog for Barking at Him

Here at the Show we try to keep it light and fluffy, but every once in a while we’ll come across a piece of news that puts our stripes in a tizzy. This is one of those instances. 

A Ciudad Juárez cop shot “Canela” a terrier mix, after the pooch snapped at him on Tuesday. According to a report published in the troubled border town’s El Diario, the cop left his patrol vehicle to purchase a soda, and after the dog barked at him he shot her, picked up the 45mm bullet case and went on with his shift.

Responding to the call from concerned neighbors, a reporter who arrived at the scene and followed the trail of blood that led her to the dog and proceeded to call Animal Control; the wounded canine was then whisked away to receive emergency veterinary care.

Seven hours after being shot, Canela crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Alma Morfín with the City’s ASPCA equivalent—Asociación Pro Defensa Animal, has since lodged a formal complaint. Former Tijuana top cop and current Juárez secretary of municipal security Julián Leyzaola has not given any official statement.

Witness Canela’s sad last moment bellow:


HOW YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE: As witnessed time and time and time again, hell hath no fury like the court of public opinion.

* Call Crime Stoppers Juárez and leave a message voicing your outrage.

* Contact the offices of Mayor Héctor Murguía Lardizábal at

* Sign the online petition demanding justice.

* Thank the Asociación Pro Defensa Animal by supporting their efforts.


Canela pic by El Diario.

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