Playboy Mexico, Always One Step Ahead of the Game

Ass, gass or grass, nobody rides the invisible jett for free.

Hordes of geeks, nerds and whatever this is have landed in San Diego for Comic-Con International

Lifelong friends will be made, memorabilia collections will be expanded, and 24-year olds just might touch their fist boob in exchange for lending out their badge for the Hobbit Talk symposium.  

Feeling the incessant, pent-up need for goober j.o. material, Playboy México beat everybody to the punch (again), and unleashed a Tales From Copyright Infringement-approvedWonder Woman-themed pictorial in their June issue. 

Starring “actress,” “singer” and “TV personality” Gaby Ramírez, the highly Photoshopped spread is enough to turn even the most limp of golden lassoes into a full on pedestrian rope bridge.

Mexican Superman approves.


POW! Image via/ Playboy Cover image via/ Mexican Superman image via.

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