¡Mexicans in Space!

Atlantis’ landing marks the sad end for NASA’s space shuttle program; and could be the beginning of a thriving one in Mexico.

This, according to a recent report by Monterrey County’s FOX 35.

“If you have a new young workforce and new generation of scientists and engineers, then research will drive industry behind it and hopefully there will be more high-tech industry coming out of Mexico,” the piece quotes Hartnell College’s director of sciences Andy Newton as saying.

Approved by the Mexican Chamber of Deputies in 2010, $700,000 dollars have been assigned to the fledgling Space Agency so far.   

Far fetched? Sure, but as long as one of their programs is dubbed MASA, we’re so on board.  

It might have taken 11 years, but legendary comedians Héctor Lechuga & Chucho Salinas’ vision for Mexico in the year 2000 has finally materialized.

QUESTION: What should the first Mexican space ship be called? Leave your answer in the comments section bellow.


Mexican Space Shuttle rendition by Chewy Pulido / Masa image: Maseca.

2 Responses to “¡Mexicans in Space!”
  1. kinito says:

    “Tin-Tan” One…

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