Real World Spotted Filming New 2011 Season

"OMFG!!!" (Click on image to enlarge).

This is the true story of seven reality TV show-aware strangers strategically placed inside a multi-million dollar mansion and expected to overreact in front of a Hillcrest knockoff sunglass stores as if saying: “HOLY SHITTT!!! THEY MAKE FAKE GUCCI’S NOW?!?!?

Such was the shocked expression of one of the cast members of the MTV show’s 26th season today (we’re guessing the gay one—given the LGBT friendly location), while going about his normal life and heading on an impromptu shopping spree along San Diego’s Fifth Avenue.

You know…’cuz he felt like it, not because the field crew around him—five person strong—had anything to do with it.

Dressed in a headband (yes, a headband), muscle T, skinny shorts and other trite hipster accoutrements, the subject—oozing a Dov Charney’s used Kleenex brand of sexappeal—made his way in and around Flashbacks, Buffalo Exchange, Luigi Vera One-Of-a-Kind Clothing and the aforementioned sunglass hut, all with Huell Howser amazement.

This ain’t the show’s first time at the SD rodeo.

In 2004, the series played out in America’s Finest City without a hitch.

Well, almost.

Real World San Diego 2011 pic ©Enrique Limón/El Zonkey Show MTV Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons.

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