Can You Score Me Some Chinos?

How much for a Polo shirt 8-ball?

It’s hard out there for a pimp, and we here at El Zonkey Show have been dutifully covering the ever-changing tides in illicit border smuggling operations.

First, Windows 97 morphed into the new blow, then coffee turned into the new heroin, and bootleg bologna became the new ecstasy.

The latest shift? Salvation Army and Goodwill stores are the new crack houses. Yep, Mexico’s latest illicit trade now has tags—and an inseam.

That is according to Fox News Latino—who regardless of their U.S. counterpart’s rampant delusion, are usually en point.

“It could happen at any moment.

One second, customers meander around the market, perusing racks of second-hand J. Crew blouses or gently worn Old Navy pants. The next, groups of police brandishing protective shields and batons circle the stands and shut down nearby streets. Pretty soon, government officials arrive to assess the presumed contraband and haul it away.”

Their report—which claims that 6 out of 10 articles of clothing in Mexico are “illegal,” states.

Merchants reaction? Enough outrage and indignation to propel Tim Gunn into a mescaline bender.

Read all about it here.  


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