Tales From Copyright Infringement

Last night’s American Idol finale had it all, including special performances by such legends as Tom Jones, Tony Bennett, Judas Priest and…Marc Anthony?

Clearly, banging one of the judges has its perks.

The best part however came halfway through his song when shrouded in a veil of feathered fans, J.Lo emerged sparkling to the gods and had a sensual onstage rhythmic seizure that made even my comadre macho supremo Ryan Seacrest break a sweat.  

It’s no secret popstars tend to ‘borrow’ from here and there to put showstopper performances together, but being that .Lo just got back from a trip to Mexico not that long ago where she filmed her “I’m Into You” video, we’re calling shenanigans on her uncontrollable booty shaking cameo—a clear ripoff of the BioShaker infomercial which runs on a loop in most Mexican TV stations after midnight. 

Judge for yourselves. The similarities are uncanny:

You can SO tell by the smirk on the face of Sheila E. that she knew what’s up.

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