Presenting the Perfect Rapture Theme Song

If history has taught us anything, it’s that people with dementia are a hoot!

Add a heap of fanaticism, a dash of fearmongering, sprinkle in a billboard or two, bring to a brimstone broil, and you’ve got yourself a Raptor Jesus-approved recipe for viral success.

Case in point, 89-year-old Family Radio loophole Lothario Harold Camping.

Equal parts Nostradamus and that old, creepy guy from the Poltergeist saga; Camping might be 0-for-2 on end of days predictions, but still, we’re sure he’ll tap his feet and shake his adorable, liver spot-ridden head while listening to this jam.

Lo, Lucía Méndez’ hit “Alma en Pena.”

Used as the theme song for her breakout performance as the lead in Televisa’s 1988 cross-centuries love story  El Extraño Retorno de Diana Salazar (“The Strange Return of Diana Salazar”), Méndez—ever the trailblazer—set the bar or the occult/prophetic/supernatural/period telenovela hybrid. And though several attempts to rewrite historical fashion accuracy have been made ever since, they all pale in comparison to this modern-day/17th century masterpiece.

So ditch the bifocals, don some yellow contacts and Rapture ears around this one, Harold. May the Lord grant you many more years and may your physician hike up your Zyprexa dosage.

Featured image via. Family Radio end of days screengrab via. Diana Salazar screengrab via.

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