Toy Story: Tijuana Children Ditch Toy Guns as Part of State Program

Over a thousand children attended Potros stadium this week in eastern Tijuana to exchange their play guns, switchblades and other plastic warfare for more sensible soccer balls and “mental agility games” TJ daily El Sol de Tijuana reports.  

Credit: El Sol de Tijuana

Orchestrated by the Baja California’s Secretary of Public Security, the program dubbed “Jugemos por la Paz” (Let’s Play for Peace), managed to take in endless shiny AK-47’s, a plethora of play pistols and even a “Rambo-style” knife—though some participants were more reluctant than others, and were not willing to give their priced juguetes up without a fight.  

“I’m gonna hide mine,” the report quotes third grader Santiago López as saying, as he stashed his toy .9mm deep in his lunchbox.  

“It’s what my friend Pedro and I play with,” he shared. “He’s ‘El Chapo’ and I’m ‘The Stewmaker’ given that I the same name,” he continued, alluding to the infamous Pozolero who reportedly dissolved some 300 bodies in barrels of lye.

The program targeted ten grade schools, in thirteen townships of the city’s “conflicted”  Zona Este.

Similar initiatives have become commonplace in mayor Mexican towns. In 2009, a failed bill proposed the banning of fabrication and importation and sale of toy guns altogether.

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