Mural of Mother Christ, Superstar

The so-called “Surfing Madonna” appeared in a snap, and just as quickly she could be gone.

The jury is still out* on whether the controversial and unauthorized stained-glass depiction of Our Lady of Guadalupe will remain on display under a support bridge close to Vulcan St. and Highway 101 in the coastal town of Encinitas, but interest in Our Lady of Billabong has grown, with people making a pilgrimage of sorts and braving oncoming traffic for a chance to be photographed next to it.

“Wow, it’s even better than I thought,” a lady and her husband said as they approached the mural this past weekend.

Posing with her husband, she asked me to snap a shot. It’ll make a great Christmas card, I remarked.

“You know? That’s funny,” she responded; “remember when they dressed up the Kook for Christmas? He looked really gay, but by the time the holidays rolled around that was the only Christmassy picture we had, so we made it our card.

Now that you mention it, this could be the one for this year.”  

Images of the hanging ten Mary bellow:

Pictures ©Enrique Limón/El Zonkey Show

*UPDATE 05/19/2011: Sadly, The Coast News reports it’s curtains for La Morenita.

  UPDATE  06/08/2011: ‘Surfing Madonna’ creator steps forward. His name is Mark Patterson, a 58-year-old former software company employee. Info here.

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