¡Feliz Día de las Madres!

Though Mother’s Day in the United States is celebrated on the second Sunday of May; in countries like El Salvador, Qatar, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan and Mexico, it’s set yearly for May 10.Mexican moms usually get roses, perhaps a corsage, and some breakfast—beacuse nothing says thank you for letting me leach off your insides for nine months and stretching your vagina to the extreme like bottomless mimosas.

Among the most heartfelt offerings is that of the serenade, wherein kids pitch in and get mom a trío to belt out her favorite boleros.

On a personal note and in a testament to the digital age, I’d like to offer my mom, Mosi, a virtual serenata starring her favorite song Alma, Corazón y Vida:

Penned by Peruvian composer Adrián Flores Albán, the autobiographical tune tells the tale of star-crossed lovers whose love is not possible due to the rigorous constraints of class and money.


Recuerdo aquella vez, que yo te conocí, / I remember the time when I first met you
recuerdo aquella tarde pero no me acuerdo ni como te ví / I remember that evening, but I don’t remember even I saw you 

Pero sí te diré, que yo me enamoré, / But I will tell you this, I fell in love
de esos tus lindos ojos y tus labios rojos / with your gorgeous eyes and your red lips
que no olvidaré / that I will never forget

Oye esta canción que lleva, alma, corazón y vida, / Listen to this song that has soul, heart and life
estas tres cositas nada más te doy / only these three little things can I give you

Porque no tengo fortuna, / Since I do not have a fortune
estas tres cosas te ofrezco, / these three things I offer 
alma, corazón y vida y nada más / soul, heart and life, nothing else

Alma para conquistarte, / Soul to win you over
corazón para quererte, / heart so I can love you
y vida para vivirla junto a tí. / and life so I can live it next to you.


Thanks for putting up with me, mom 😉

Rose buquet image by Wael Guirguis. Taco heart via @TacoBell.

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