‘Miss Ava Cado’ Relentless in Her Efforts to Bring Cinco de Mayo to Canada

She tried doing it the nice way, and now it’s clear Miss Ava Cado means business.

With a fury she must have gained during her pre mail-order bride days growing up in the mean streets of Juárez, Ava is taking no prisoners in her latest guerrilla video manifesto.

“It is an election year,” she says in her Eastern European twang we’ve come to love; “and I think one of your platforms should be to have Cinco de Mayo become a oliday here in Canada,” she continues, visibly shaken.

“It is an incredible celebration in Mehico, and I think it should be brought to Canada!” She concludes, tapping into her inner Patty Hearst.

Witness the badassness in all its glory bellow:


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