All Hail El Zonkey Show’s Google Query Queen

We’ve only mentioned her once—and kind of in passing—in our proposed Super Bowl XLV cheerleading squad, but since then the grace and natural beauty of actress and chanteuse Ninel Conde has managed to creep up and become our number one Google search term (with Momma Elsa galloping from behind).

Her luscious bod has earned her the nickname “El Bombón Asesino” (the assassin marshmallow), and her talents have graced telenovelas and endless Bardahl-lubed mechanic rub0outs alike.

Yes my friends, she IS class embodied.

In 2005—way ahead of the Tsunami Burrito curve, she sent her love to “all the children and seniors” affected by the terrible “surimi,” she recently questioned the royal wedding, asking: “who in their right mind would get married at 4:00am?”; and just recently completed the illustrious trifecta by twatting a heartfelt message of bereavement:

“I lament the death of Barack Osama. My condolences to the people of the United States.”  

So here’s to you our beloved monarch! We couldn’t have asked for a better Zonkey Queen.

Witness her performing her signature song bellow:

Cool shell phone, huh?

Twitter screencap via KKBB

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