¡Parranda Alert!

It’s proving to be quite the whirlwind week!

First a feature in Urbanist Guide, then planning an awesome Cinco de Mayo pachanga, and still taking motion sickness pills for all those twirls around the maypole. It’s amazing how some of these high profile types like Miss Ava Cado manage to juggle it all.

Planning to be in San Diego for May 5th? Then mosey it over to El Dorado Cocktail Lounge for a Cinco de Mayo parranda like no other, hosted by yours truly.

As we all know, 5 de Mayo is the revered Mexican holiday which celebrates Pope John Paul II‘s riddance of cobra snakes, chupacabras and other vermin from the Oaxaca armed only with a golden flute, and we here at El Zonkey Show plan to celebrate it with an [interro] bang.

So get your sweet cola down and shake it to the beats of DJ’s Saul Q, Tijuana’s own DJ Chucuchú, and the return of cumbia supergroup Azúcar.

Piñatas, revelry and perhaps a visit to the free clinic are to be expected. Be there or be cuadrado.

Facebook event info here.

Getting intimate with Azúcar:

How Saul Q rolls:

DJ Chucuchú in action:

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