Counting Down Mexico’s Most Sumptuous Weddings

Kate who?

Sure, they didn’t have their own Google Doodle, official limited-edition refrigerators or lunatic squatters, but Mexico—the cradle of such fashion design superstars as Mitzy (who rumor has it Kate Middleton and Prince William were wooing, but couldn’t afford) has seen its fair share of memorable, glitzy and over the top wedding affairs.  

A train to rival Princess Di? Yup. Walking down the aisle in white while seven months pregnant? Step right up. Dresses consisting of some pasties and half a yard of tulle? You know it.

Fill a teacup with Tequila (and drink it with your pinky up like a lady), you’re gonna need it.

5. Lucero & Mijares

Telenovela queen and singer Lucero married fellow performer Manuel Mijares in a much hullabalooed televised ceremony in 1997. Since then, the press called shenanigans on their union, and the couple finally announced their divorce in March 2011. Image source

Vestido Boda Maria Felix Jorge Negrete4. María Félix & Jorge Negrete

In the annals of Mexican divaism, the late María Félix still reigns supreme. A classic beauty of Mexico’s golden age of cinema, she rebuffed Hollywood offers and always remained true to herself.  “Do you really think I could pass as a Cherokee Indian? In my country I can play the role of an Indian,” La Doña once famously said. “In foreign lands I play the role of a queen. I was not born to carry a basket.”  In October of 1953 she married actor and charro singer Jorge Negrete in what was called “the wedding of the century.” Sadly, Negrete passed away due to cirrhosis shortly after their 1-year anniversary. Image source

3. Biby Gaytán & Eduardo Capetillo

Words fail when ir comes to describing the spectacle of a pop star bride in her third trimester prancing down the aisle, so we’ll let this video do the talking:

2. Thalía & Tommy Mottola

Superstar Thalía’s December, 2000 NYC wedding to recording impresario (and Mariah Carey‘s ex) Tommy Mottola remains the gold standard for over the top Latino weddings. Held at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, guests included J.Lo and Michael Jackson. People have written them off several times and every so often recurring divorce rumors surface, but the couple remains strong and they are currently expecting their second child, a goth babyImage source

1. Niurka & fill in the blank

Style, grace and elegance are three words that do not describe actress, singer, dancer, talk-show host and overall a perfect vision Niurka, and she doesn’t care. Much like Sinatra, she does it her way, and this sumptuous wedding “dress” that would make even Larry Flynt blush proves it.

God save the Niurka! Take a minute to take it all in.

Boda NiurkaImage source

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