Surf’s Up to the Heavens in Controversial ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’ Mural

In the 1500’s Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared on Tepeyac Hill to an indigenous man by the name of Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin and her cult was born.

This past weekend, and just as mysteriously, she manifested again in the form of a 10′ x 10′ stained-glass mural in the San Diego coastal town of Encinitas.  

Located between Highway 101 and Vulcan Ave. under a train trestle, the beloved Madonna is hanging ten atop a surfoard—her star-stamped cloak blowing in the wind, with the message “Save the Ocean” to her right.

An apparent ode to Banksy’s school of “culture jamming,” according to the North County Times the piece’s permanency is uncertain as it manages to pushes several buttons simultaneously: it not only inserts a religious theme in a public space, but also depicts a sacred image in a non-conventional, albeit rather cool way. 

The author or authors of the monumental piece remain unknown, as apparently they operated guerrilla style under the guise of official City employees, orange security vests and all.

Not quite as offensive as the Our Lady of PB & J tattoo depiction we showed here a few days back; when it came to the artistic license of depicting La Morenita’s unknown footwear, at least the artists were sensible enough to give her some rad grip shoes and not huaraches.

More pictures of the “Surfing Madonna” here.


Featured image by: Enrique Limón /El Zonkey Show.

One Response to “Surf’s Up to the Heavens in Controversial ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’ Mural”
  1. flex says:

    What an offense to people faith. We should all have respect, respect is the way for peace. My prayers for whomever in a way is committing an attack to believers.

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