And Now in Obscure Cartoon News…

For all you non-paisanos out there, this is going to cause as much of a WTF-inducing shock as saying that Snagglepuss is huge in Lithuania, but  Hanna-Barbera’s short-lived Top Cat is nothing short of  a pop culture phenom down Mexico way. 

His run on television might have been a brief one—with only 30 episodes of Top Cat and his gang produced between September 1961 and April 1962—but with several generations growing up on the show granting it eternal cult status, not-quite-Heathcliff  and his pussy posse are getting the 3-D movie treatment.

No, for real.

Catch the trailer for Don Gato y Su Pandilla (with an animated shout-out to Ground Zero, no less), bellow:

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