Tijuana to Spearhead Border Literacy Project

Don’t eat the bookworm!

With a new book lending project, the Tijuana/San Diego border crossing—one of the most transited checkpoints in the world—is slated to be the one of the most cultured as well.  

“Each year, around 10 million people make their way though this checkpoint and during holidays like Easter, wait time can be two, three, and up to six hours long,” Laura Emilia Pacheco, director of publications for the National Council for Culture and the Arts (CONACULTA) recently stated.

Titled Lecture in Waiting/Lecture in Line , the lending initiative will be aided by five mobile librarians on librobicis—cargo bikes stocked with poetry books and short stories.

Border readers, who will be identified by a cone placed atop their cars will be required to turn their book in before making their way into San Diego. The free program will also cater to people crossing on foot.   

“During the border wait, those hours can be terribly tedious,” Pacheco said, adding that the program’s intention is to make the wait a “more amiable” experience.

Per UNESCO, Mexico is number 21 on the world publishing leaderboard with 20,300 new titles published in 2007; versus the United State’s number one spot with 275,232 tomes.

If succesful, CONACULTA will kickstart the initiative in other Mexico border crossings.

The program will be launched on April 23 to coincide with World Book and Copyright Day.

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