No Butts About It: British American Tobacco Denounces Mexico’s Cigarette Tax Hike

“The recent increase in Mexico’s cigarette tax has opened the door to around 100 illegal brands,” British American Tobacco recently claimed, according to EFE.

A little background: in November 2010, the Mexican Congress passed a tax hike of 350 pesos ($29) for every 1,000 cigarettes – which translates to a tax of 7 pesos (58 cents) on every pack of 20.

“As we expected, in just three months more than 100 pirate brands appeared that do not comply with the minimum requirements of the law – judging by their price of under 25 pesos ($2) for a pack of 20 cigarettes, we doubt their ‘legality,'” BAT—who distinguishes itself for being “the world’s most international tobacco group,” stated in a communique to Mexican lawmakers.

“In different areas of the country the sales of contraband cigarettes have reached a market share of up to 15 percent,” the London-based giant behind such brands as Camel, Dunhill, Pall Mall, Lucky Strike, Montana and Raleigh said.

“These brands are spreading…well for the lack of a better term like a bad Cancer,” they continued.

Granted that last quote is made up, but wouldn’t it be perfect?

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