How Much is That Revolutionary’s Finger in the Window?


Sure, Dave’s Pawn Shop in downtown El Paso, TX has all the standards: electric guitars, nana’s jewelry and if you dig dep enough, a VHS copy of Caddy Shack—which for some inexplicable reason is the gold standard in second-hand movies.

The one item that sets it apart from the competition? 

Well, that’s easy: a mummified finger purportedly belonging to Mexican Revolutionary, folk hero and “terrorist” Pancho Villa.

“[It’s] grayish-black, shriveled and curved slightly, the finger still retains a chuck of nail, the middle of which features an eerily jagged gash — as if it dug its way out of the grave,” the AP reports.

With a price tag of $9500, not much is known of the digit’s provenance, except for store manager David Delgadillo’s 2004 account of a desperate man storming into the shop, hocking the alleged “trigger finger” in need of some quick cash.

However, diehard celebrity body part collectors should broach the item with a grain of salt. Other artifacts on display at Dave’s include a severed human ear, origin unknown ($695); a “true and actual heart of a baby vampire” ($7,500), a human skeleton with the head of a bird and the tail of a fish ($995); and yes, the remains of a Chupacabra ($1,295).

Hmm…do they offer gift wrapping?

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