¡Provecho! New Record Set in Texas for the World’s Largest Enchilada

They say everything is bigger in Texas. They ain’t kidding.

This weekend San Antonio beat Mexico City’s old record for the world’s largest enchilada by a whopping seventy feet.

Weighing in at 1.5 tons, containing 1900 pounds of  Wisconsin Mild Cheddar cheese and stretching over a span of 300 feet, the Momma enchilada was unveiled in the city’s historic Milam Park.

The feat—a collaborative effort between 20 local restaurants and local scholarship fund Rey Feo Consejo—took some 200 volunteers like Barbara Gabaldon (pictured above), close to 9 hours to complete.

Asked about the flavor, one woman told the San Antonio  Express-News: “I thought it would just be slapped together and not taste very good. But it is very good: warm, beefy and cheesy.”

Coincidentally, the local Wal-Mart also set a record: most bottles of Pepto Bismol sold in a day. 

Images by Robin Jerstad.

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