With Chubby Chamacos and “Reverse Anchor Babies” the Reconquista is SO On! Thank You, SNL

Withy the tagline “Coffee, smiles, fear and terror,” Saturday Night Life debuted its first Fox & Friends parody.  

Among the hot topics which included the near government shutdown, was First Lady Michelle Obama’s Anti Childhood Obesity Task Force which ridding white kids of their chub is paving the way for obese Mexican counterparts to take over

“Here’s a scary question: When there are no fat kids, who’s going to play the comic relief in Disney movies?” one of the hosts asked, with another responding “Mexicans! It’s true…when American kids get too skinny, chubby Mexicans will take American acting jobs, OK?…Just look at the kid on Modern Family.” 

Oscar winner Helen Mirren then chimed in ‘via-satellite’ in her role as Minute Men-esque  “Border War expert” Sandy Blunt who warned about the “new threat” on the anchor baby landscape: a network of “undercover Mexicans in America,” a product of pregnant women who after being kidnapped are forced to give birth in Aztecland, giving rise to a sleeper cell of “A-Merx-icans.”

Pretty damn priceless.

Check out the vid here.

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