Unfounded Rumor of the Week: Superstar Thalía’s Baby to be a Goth Kid

Mexican pop diva Thalía looks radiant on the cover of the current issue of ¡HOLA! magazine where she proudly shows off the baby bump from her second child with husband, music impresario Tommy Mottola.

“I feel doubly blessed,” she says in the article; “as the arrival of this baby means I’ve regained my health,” the singer, who had a bout with Lyme disease in 2008 shares.

Something the feature doesn’t mention?

Her child will be a Hot Topic-buyin’, The Cure-lovin’, Brandon Lee for Halloween dressin’ goth kid.

How did we come up with this assumption you ask? Based on her strange cravings, chief among them Pan de Muerto.

A staple of Day of the Dead altars, pan de muerto or “dead man’s bread” is a seasonal, sugar-topped pan dulce decorated with bone-like pieces and traditionally made during the months of October and early November as part of the Día de Muertos celebration, but since Thalía has more money than God connectins in New York’s panadería scene, she has it custom baked.

“La Suiza Bakery pampers me,” the star recently Tweeted. “Special thanks to Anita and the girls.” 

The pic accompanying the message (left) speaks for itself.

Expect for those fingernails to be black by her second trimester:

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