‘And the Band Played On’ Award Goes to Yuri and Her ‘Exploding’ Boob

Known for her not-so subtle Madonna knockoff performances and lately, for some inexplicable reason a Kate Gosselin-inspired ‘do, Mexican pop star Yuri recently lived through something her muses have never experienced: a mid-concert ruptured breast implant.

Ever the professional, she finished her performance and was rushed to a hospital immediately following to treat what the press described as an “exploding” boob.

“The boob issue is true. It happened a month and a half ago,” the 47-year-old singer recently Tweeted. “I did it for health reasons, I was due for a swap anyway,” she continued.

Further addressing the issue, she commented on why the story was kept under wraps: “one of the girls did pop, but since I’m not attractive to the media because I don’t offer scandals, no one found out.”

Wishing her a speedy recovery, we here at El Zonkey Show remember her most during her 1990’s zenith. Enjoy the super-production of El Apagón bellow:

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